Welcome to Kimbo's Blog!

Welcome to Kimbo's Blog!

Kimbo was founded in 1958 and is based in Long Branch, NJ. Kimbo Educational's award-winning line of over 350 CDs and several DVDs address children's needs for exercise, learning basic concepts and skills, and abundant opportunities to enjoy play and fun. Kimbo recently launched a download site so customers can purchase our music in MP3 format and enjoy their music instantly!

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Too hot…Too cold; no one wants to go outside! What’s a kid to do!

Wherever you live, your children may not be getting the exercise fun and energy boost they need.  Here’s an idea, why not be proactive and creative; keep an assortment of action CDs on hand for the moments when they need some “get up and go time”.  Music and movement songs are definitely the answer -- kids can shake, they can jump, they can tap, they can dance!  For toddlers, play songs such as “Higglety Piggety, Pop!” from the multi-award-winning, Start Smart Songs for 1’s, 2’s and 3’s.  Preschoolers like their own exercise time.  They will benefit from the age-appropriate action songs on Steady, Ready, Jump! (fitness fun action - with the emphasis on FUN!).  Songs such as “Hip, Hop, Hold” will encourage self-regulatory behavior while improving motor development skills.  After long days in school most students need to re-energize and re-focus before beginning their homework or projects.  Rockin’ Aerobics, is just challenging enough to motivate older kids to get moving with cool music and jumpin’ routines, such as “Latin Heat” and “Rap Zap”. 
A unique playful way to promote fitness is to invite your children to help make some “manipulatives”, and then pair them up with a connecting activity CD.  For example, take an old sheet that they can decorate -- they’ve made their own personal parachute! Then watch them do the “Parachute Freeze”, from Shakin’ the Chute.  Or, make some smooth 6” dowels and put out some safe paint or markers so they can embellish them with their names and favorite designs.  Now they have colorful rhythm sticks to tap, tap, tap to “The Color Tap Song”, from Rhythm Sticks Rap & Tap.  Here’s another guaranteed kid-pleasing activity; homemade scarves and ribbons are easy to make, and kids will love to play with them.  Cut up left-over pieces of fabric in different lengths, textures and colors.  Children can develop their rhythm and motor skills with activities such as “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” on Musical Scarves & Activities or “Got the Wiggles” on Ribbons and Rhythms. 

You get the idea; and there are lots more.  Just be creative and plan ahead.  Make everyday a music and movement day.  Your children will benefit, and you will feel great too!

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