Welcome to Kimbo's Blog!

Welcome to Kimbo's Blog!

Kimbo was founded in 1958 and is based in Long Branch, NJ. Kimbo Educational's award-winning line of over 350 CDs and several DVDs address children's needs for exercise, learning basic concepts and skills, and abundant opportunities to enjoy play and fun. Kimbo recently launched a download site so customers can purchase our music in MP3 format and enjoy their music instantly!

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Monday, January 4, 2016

"The Numeral March" - Activity Tip

Hint: When placing the numerals on the floor, place them is sets of two, leaving plenty of space between each set. Tell children that when they locate a matching numeral they "freeze" in their position until you say "exchange." When they hear the word "exchange" they hand their numeral to the friend who is standing beside them.


By Dr. Pam Schiller
Developing Math Literacy. Clap, snap, tap, and rap! Crucial math concepts have been combined with lively music and activities. Skill-sequenced songs are “stepping stones” to learning, building one necessary skill upon the other. Kids will gain important basic knowledge and a solid foundation for math readiness, which will promote confidence and reduce anxiety.