Welcome to Kimbo's Blog!

Welcome to Kimbo's Blog!

Kimbo was founded in 1958 and is based in Long Branch, NJ. Kimbo Educational's award-winning line of over 350 CDs and several DVDs address children's needs for exercise, learning basic concepts and skills, and abundant opportunities to enjoy play and fun. Kimbo recently launched a download site so customers can purchase our music in MP3 format and enjoy their music instantly!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Heat is On - Don’t Wait ‘Til You Are Thirsty!

It’s the good old summertime, and most of us are feeling the heat.  Every year I experience headaches and other heat-related symptoms because I forget that I need to drink more when the thermometer soars.  

Kids are no exception.  How much fluids they should drink will depend on their weight, age, and their activity level; especially when they perspire.  A general rule for all of us is to drink before you get thirsty.  Drink before you exercise.  Check with your doctors for specific guidelines for your child.  

Taking in fluids is important at any time, but it’s essential in hot weather.  Bringing along a water bottle can be refreshing and invaluable whenever you go out.  To help increase fluids and encourage kids to drink more, water is important, but you can also offer milk, soups, shakes, and frozen fruit cubes.  Fruits and vegetables also help increase fluid levels to maintain good health – and they taste good too! 

RONNO’s song, Mission Nutrition, from the Smart Fitness, Smart Foods CD, offers the following excellent advice in a fun way that kids will relate to:

Fluid Intake:

Water, milk and juice
Water is a super fuel
It’s the drink we choose
When we’re feeling tired
When we’re feeling hot
Our bodies need hydration
We need to drink a lot!

Fuel up to feel well, and have a healthy and fun summer.

p.s.  Remember to keep your furry family safe and hydrated too!

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